There are plenty of chopping boards on the market, but...
Why are our boards different?
Glad you asked... well, we have more than two decades of knowledge to back us up. Wood is our number one passion and our boards are hand-crafted with precision and exceptional care. No other board can compare. All our products have been extensively tried and tested to ensure that only the best is delivered to you. Invest in a Woodnewz board and see for yourself - crafted, shaped and created to be a cut above the rest (pun intended). You will find us at Durban's famous I heart Market on the first Saturday of every month selling our boards, coasters and platters.

Click below to view the various styles and sizes. Click here to contact us regarding a personalised order or for a wholesale price list. 

Braai Board
Size: 600mm x 300mm
Bowls Supplied
Small Cheese Board
Size: 350mm x 200mm
Large Heart Board
Size: 480mm x 400mm
Small Heart Board
Size: 400mm x 330mm
Shown with Large Heart Board to show sizing difference.
Medium Traditional Board
Size: 400mm x 280mm
Traditional Chopping Board
Size: 440mm x 300mm
Carvery Board
Size: 440mm x 300mm
Traditional Round Board
Pizza Board
Size: 400mm
Serving Board
Size: 470mm x 240mm
Bowls Supplied
Serving Board
Size: 470mm x 240mm
Bowls Supplied
Platter with Handles
Size: 640mm x 240mm
Baguette Board
Size: 650mm x 160mm
Deli Board with Bowls
Size: 550mm x 270mm
Deli Board
Size: 550mm x 270mm
Traditional Deli Board
Size: 450mm x 280mm
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Serving Board

Size: 470mm x 240mm Bowls Supplied